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Input form for hotels, pensions, B & B,...

You operate a hotel, a pension, a B & B, ... and you are biker friendly? In this case, we would like to add your data to our list. This is possible, even if you do not own a homepage.
( The input is free of cost under the condition that your description does not exceed 4 lines.)

Your input will normally be placed in the data base and published within 14 days.
Your entry is available on motosearch.de, BikersSuchmaschine.de, motorradsuche.de, motorrad724.de, bikerinfo.de,
motorradportal.info BikerHotelGuide.info, motorradhotelguide.de and also on all other usersites of the Project Motoinfo.

Please insert the following entry to the data base

Postcode and City   
(i.e: D-99999    Samplecity)
(i.e.: http://www.domain.de) - may remain empty -
Name of Hotel
(i.e: Hotel sampleman)
Street & No
Phone number
Fax number
Short description
(This text will
later appear
under the address)
Number of rooms (i.e: 3 SR, 5 DR, ..)
Picture for
Also you can send the picture per mail. [More Infos ..]
GPS position - may remain empty -
The GPS-position of the location. [More Infos ..]

The following data are also needed by us internally

Your Name
(i.e: Peter Sampleman)
Your E-Mail-Address
(i.e: peter@domain.de) - for further questions -
You can use the following field for comments.
Comment field
The entry into the data base of Project Motoinfo normally placed and published
within of 14 days.

Einträge, die gegen Gesetze usw. verstossen oder keinen Bezug zum Thema erkennen
lassen, werden nicht aufgenommen bzw. wieder gelöscht.

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